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Saturday, January 26, 2013

a likeness

I was thinking the other day about my friend Nicole Hamilton's portraits and how very difficult it is to catch not just a likeness- not just how they look but the feeling of the person.   I love this sketch she did for a commission painting of a young man and his daughter.  

Shaun Allen Mahanes
June 27, 1980- March 5, 2012
by Nicole Hamilton

To Catch a Likeness

It's such a necessary thing
and yet so elusive
like a bird in flight.
When drawing the nose,
the eyebrow
a millimeter of exactness is required
yet you must be quick 
to catch it.

Rembrandt painted the soul
and left the clothes 
for his apprentices
who fussed over the merchant's collars
and lace

while the master sang the quiet song
that lured in the shy bird

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