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Friday, April 25, 2014

new construction

Home from my trip and the weather is lovely, I decided to get back to my project of documenting houses in Fredericksburg.  There was a bench in the shade in front of the fire department on William street so I used that vantage point to sketch Amelia Square, a development that will include condominiums, office, retail and a courtyard.  They are building on the site of the Fredericksburg hardware store, a sorely missed institution in our town.  Where I work in Liberty Town was also part of the hardware store.  

pentel brush pen with water and a little ink, and watercolors

Monday, April 14, 2014

in the fields

I decided to take a trip to Skagit Valley, Washington because I needed some fresh inspiration for my paintings. I timed it perfectly- arriving at the peak of the tulip bloom and we are having beautiful weather! This afternoon I took a break from snapping pictures to do a little sketch.

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Location:Old Highway 99 North Rd,Burlington,United States

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

bermuda pastel

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sketching in coffee shop

I did this little sketch in Hyperion on a rainy day with an ink brush pen and colored pencils. 

This one I used a micron pen and watercolor.

sketching in fredericksburg

micron pen, colored pencils, 45 min
  It is finally warm enough to get out and do some sketching around Fredericksburg.  I did this sitting in front of Castiglias snacking on yummy bread and anchovies.  They were great- not like the salty little ones you get in tins.  They put a light lemon sauce on them.  
     The building has the Olde Town Butcher and the Poppy Hill restaurant located inside.  It was originally the Planter Hotel built before the Civil War, in fact, Abraham Lincoln slept there Dec. 18, 1860.