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Friday, April 24, 2015

my first sketchcrawl

After about a year of following several Urban Sketcher blogs, I finally got out the door and went on an official Urban Sketcher sketchcrawl in Richmond.  It was a perfect spring day.  We met at the Virginia Center for Architecture, were given maps of a route to follow and off we went.  It was immediately overwhelming- there are so many great things to draw in Richmond.  The selection was limited a bit by the need to sit in shade.  I brought a small folding chair which worked well.  

Inspired by some of the sketchers I talked to that seem to draw all the time- they are very fast and fluid, I am trying to draw more.  I carry a tiny sketchbook (2"x3") in my purse and sketch while running errands with my husband.  I did this today while waiting for him at the eye doctor.  I like all the glamour shots of people wearing glasses. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Each week clearly demarcates the passage of time.  Right now is very specific.  The crocus flowers have melted away.  Flowers that were such a surprise a month ago, coming so hard on the heels of snow here in Virginia.  The daffodils are starting to wither as we come into the hour for tulips, those cups of sheer color.  If there is an exact point of red on the color spectrum it lives in the tulip.  Flurries of white pink cherry blossom petals fly off trees, giving ground to the minty green leaves.  Lilac flowers are waiting in the wings, right now just dusty dark purple nubs.  

Yesterday it rained all day.  A slender wet slug felt its way across the window screen.  Bird song coming through the open window is innovative and plentiful now. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Trying to get back into a daily routine of writing/drawing in my journal.  It is a large hardbound journal with watercolor pages.  I used a micron pen and pencil.  I think it is kind of interesting to draw with the pen and then add shadows with a pencil.  The alligator was shaded with a brush pen.  I have a couple of the aqua brushes that I load with varying strengths of ink and water. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

elle decor

I love getting my Elle Decor magazine every month.  April's issue is about "stylish homes that embrace nature."  I have gotten this magazine for years.  I pour over it, tear out pages with my favorite rooms and put them in a file marked "decorating".  This month I loved the cover so much I decided just tearing it out was not enough, I had to paint it in my journal. 

reeth, yorkshire

Here is my first painting inspired by my trip to England.  It is a small, stone village in the Dales.