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Monday, January 27, 2014

st. john

Cinnamon Bay, 22x38, oil

This is from the park where we camped at St. John- Cinnamon Bay National Park a few years ago.  I took a early walk each morning when it was quiet.  The clouds though were already on the move rising with the heat of the day.  I've started covering the first layer of acrylic paint with a medium that has very fine sand in it.  Then I finish the painting in oil.  The medium gives the painting a little texture and subtly changes the way the paint moves when it is applied.  It has more drag- dry brush effect. Here is the pastel sketch I worked from:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Domestic and Wild Metronomes                                        
 After years of digital
I have a moonbeam clock
in the bedroom now
the sound touch 
is kitten soft.  I only hear it
when it's quiet
and I'm awake.
A metronome, external heartbeat,
time is divided into seconds
with chef's knife precision.

This morning outside my window
a cardinal spoke with insistent language
a repetitive message
similar in frequency and volume
to my quietly ticking clock.                                               
As I woke I heard
first one and then the other
their voices overlaid each other
then alternated.
I, dipping in and out of sleep
surfaced finally to look out

at the blue light
of early morning.

It's snowing today, tiny sleet and narrow slivers for snowflakes. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

urban sketching

Or in my case small town sketching.  I have been very inspired by the urban sketchers website and decided to begin sketching Fredericksburg.  My goal is at least one drawing a week.  As I look more carefully at the houses around town I've noticed many of them have plaques with names and dates that I can research and learn more about the history of ordinary people in this town.  

micron pen, watercolor, 1 hour

I sketched with a friend yesterday while sitting in front of Hyperion coffee shop.  The house across the street is 312 William Street and the little building next to it is Vivify, a new hamburger place.   I found out that Robert Ellis (1781-1843) owned a large milling business, and construction business.  He built and owned this residence.  He was buried in the Fredericksburg Masonic Cemetery.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

new work

Here is the painting finally:
Hyacinthe Fields, 30x40       

And here are two new pastels: