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Thursday, January 16, 2014

urban sketching

Or in my case small town sketching.  I have been very inspired by the urban sketchers website and decided to begin sketching Fredericksburg.  My goal is at least one drawing a week.  As I look more carefully at the houses around town I've noticed many of them have plaques with names and dates that I can research and learn more about the history of ordinary people in this town.  

micron pen, watercolor, 1 hour

I sketched with a friend yesterday while sitting in front of Hyperion coffee shop.  The house across the street is 312 William Street and the little building next to it is Vivify, a new hamburger place.   I found out that Robert Ellis (1781-1843) owned a large milling business, and construction business.  He built and owned this residence.  He was buried in the Fredericksburg Masonic Cemetery.

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