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Friday, March 1, 2013

st. john

      I drew this tonight with my finger on my ipad with Sketchbook Pro.  It's interested how similar it is to a silkscreen.  I've never done a silkscreen but I know you have to think very carefully about your colors and where they repeat.  I used the same color in the sky as the water and adjusted the value. 
     We stayed in a campground called Cinnamon Bay in St. John a couple years ago and this is the beach.  I got up early every morning and went for a walk on the empty beach.  And took lots of photos. 
      Here is an excerpt from my journal:
     We sit here shaded by the large round leaves of sea grape trees.  They lean over just right to sit under like an umbrella and we gaze at the turquoise water.  Then we step out onto the sun drenched beach, not a thin or hazy light- this light is intense and brings out every color, first the warm soft sand and then the cool clear water.  This water of dreams alive with fish and unseen creatures.  Mostly when we snorkel we just hover with our outer space gear and suck air rasping in the underwater silence, we hover above the world and watch the fish below skirt in and out of the coral and the gently waving purple sea fans, anemones, the black sea urchins, and spiny sea stars.  This was my first experience snorkeling.  I always knew there were fish down there but to suddenly see them and to see the depths shafting deep blue to a distant bottom was completely different.  One evening we swam through showers of tiny silver fish.

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