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Sunday, March 24, 2013

flower fields

Color Play, 30 x 40", oil
I finished this painting a couple months ago.  The sky has a subtle shift from pink on the left to blue on the right.  A couple other paintings have had a similar sky and I've been pondering how red, blue and purple interact and what kind of associations these colors have for me.  The result is this poem.


A clumsy knife
cut in the kitchen,
just a pause to consider
the intense red

perhaps the most beautiful color
tightly tethered to love and anger
earth color

before wrapping it up
and returning to chop the carrots

Blue, insubstantial as air
invisible as breath, cool
as a scientist in a lab coat.

Between the two
purple echoes both
red and blue, it hums
along the spectrum
like a child running back and forth
between mother and father

It is the familiar land/sky,
red/blue story.
expansion and habitation

Beyond our place of living, You O Lord stretch out the heavens. 

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