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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We’ve only had a little snow this winter but signs of spring are already appearing.  I think I will do a few pastels of snowy landscapes before winter is over.  The chalk is perfect for drawing snow.  Two poems:

Last Week

Through a dusting of snow
the crocuses in my garden are showing
an inch of green blades
little soldiers massing at the border of winter.

A few points of tulip cannons 
are at the ready. 


The morning I dreamed that I went to the theater
in my pink nightgown, I woke to snow
falling in large solitary tufts
drifting down like
tattered ballet tulle. 

I love snow men (and women), these were made by my kids in 2010.  The first one as you can tell by the sombrero was huge!  I think it was about 7' tall.


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